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Robert Potu

 Indonesia Category : Others  Male Member from 1 year

I\’ve been working in the offshore industry over than for 30 years and I started my career as a rigger and as time go by I became lead riggers and rigger foreman,deck foreman and then I became rigging supervisor and in 12 years back I became a crane operator and for all of that time I\’ve experienced heavy lift for the project, for example lifting and installed 4 legged jacket and platform, pipeline project, SBM project, cable line, riser and hook up the project on the platform and all the projects that I am through with success. That\’s a little story and my experience.
Thank you

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offshore crane operator / Deck foreman offshore




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26 july 1966




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supervise all lifting and rigging activityHLO dutiessupervise errecting and dismantling scaffoldinganchor jobcrane driver and forklift driver.