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Renier Gerber

 Namibia Category : Computer/Information Technology  Male Member from 1 year

In response to the advertised position I offer Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science, Economics, Business Administration as well as a plethora of Technical certifications, along with valuable experience gained in the Information Technology sector.

My extensive experience analyzing, selecting and modifying enterprise systems, installing network hardware and software, and managing large scale network budgets, will be an asset to your organization. I understand the importance of staying
up-to-date on industry trends and technologies, and make it my priority to ensure a company runs smoothly and the proper protocols, procedures, and staff are in place. Throughout my career I’ve taken numerous trainings and certification exams,
to assist not only with my professional development, but to let each company I’ve worked for know my commitment to my profession and position. I hope to show your organization my passion and dedication.

I also have experience with merger/acquisition events, high growth challenges, technology replacement projects and IT process improvement. I have delivered large technology projects on schedule/on budget and in alignment with the business
strategy. Building a strong, focused, and dedicated team has helped me develop a successful career, thus far. I believe in professional development, leading by example, and that you are only as strong as your weakest link. I enjoy being challenged and working on projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set, as continuing to learn new languages and development techniques are important to me and the success of the organization.

I would welcome the opportunity to interview for the position to discuss my education, experience and skill set as regards to the advertised position. Thank you your review and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Renier Gerber
Mobile/ WhatsApp : +264 81 473 8198

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