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charles kithi kazungu

 Kenya Category : Others  Male Member from 1 year
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operations technician




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7years 8months

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Middle-Level Management

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dippingpumpblendingfire fightingsamplingwater drainingtank farmonshore operationsrefinery operationpipe surveillanceoil and gas


  • mombasa polytechnic
     3years :  chemical engineering
      Grade / GPA  : pass
      Qualification  : diploma


  • kenya petroleum refineries limited
     7years 8months :  operations technician
      Yearly Salary  : 12000usd
      Job Duties  : 
    • Strictly following standing procedures when carrying out all refinery duties and oil movement operations. • Preparing equipment e.g Tanks, Pumps pipeline and valves before handing them for maintainance• Manning oil terminal booms when crude ship is discharging crude oil to the tank farm. • Initialization and finalization of the receiving and discharging tanks before and after any transfer of the oil products. • Sampling, blending, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), stench injection and batching of the oil products, with the support of the refinery laboratory so as to ensure that the products meet the required specification. • Transferring of on-grade oil products from the selected tanks to oil marketers as per the instruction given by the refinery scheduler. • Constantly inspecting and diagnosing plant machines and equipment, like pumps in order to ensure proper function and the process output meets the required stipulated targets. • Co-ordinating with the control panel man during plant start-up, shutdowns and emergencies as per established procedures. • A member of the F.I.T (first intervention team), whose tasks are; Fire fighting, handling oil spillage, rescue or any other form of emergencies. • In charge of the plant safety and ensuring that the H.S.E (health safety and environment) instructions are followed. • Handling imports and exports of oil products at the jetty facilities • Co-ordinating with the Laboratory to get a Quality Certificate (Q.C) before transferring any product to the marketers. • Reporting to supervisor of any product quality non conformance, major equipment failure or any other issue that prevent oil transfers to the the oil marketers. • Checking and observation of an ongoing basis, the proper functioning of assigned equipment by reading gauges, levels, amperages and recording such findings on a log sheet, identifying the equipment, the specific readings and time and date of occurrence.• Informing the Shift Supervisor or Panel Operator of any unusual observations such as noise, spillage, critical gauge readings and leakage, making process adjustments in accordance with instructions from the Panel Operator.• Performing hand-over activity at the end of shift to ensure that my replacement is aware of any condition that requires special attention in order to maintain safe and efficient production.• Checking the presence and proper condition of all safety and fire equipment in my designated area such as checking of seals and pressure gauges, verifying the condition of hoses and fire blankets, and reporting any abnormal findings to the Panel Operator.• Ensuring compliance with safe operations procedures. Including following up and checking the log sheets, comparing with panel readings, reporting to Supervisor any anomalies and making any necessary adjustments such as checking and topping tank level and adjusting rates.• Complies with all safety and fire regulations, including the use of protective clothing and equipment and ensures that personnel working in the area comply with safety procedures.• Maintaining the area in a clean and safe condition.• Truck-loading and line clearance operations