Rover operator

Category : Others Salary 144,000$

Experience(s) : 18 Year


Responsibilites  Experience in startup and operation of following plants and equipments:  Inlet Slug Catchers and Separators for oil and condensate production. Two 50% capacity oil/condensate Trains (63568 STBPD of oil & condensate for each train).  One Oil/Condensate Re-run System to handle off-spec oil or condensate. One 100% capacity NGL train (600 MMSCFD), consists of dehydration and NGL recovery facilities. This section consists of Pre cooling (Gas-Gas and Gas-Liquid exchangers), Expansion (Turbo Expander and JT valve), Fractionation (Absorber, Deethanizer and Debutanizer columns) and Compression section (NGL Expander Recompressor and Residue Gas Compressor). It recovers 90% of Propane and Butanes.  Gas Injection Compression for re-injection/gas lift requirements at production wells. Associated Gas Compressor (AGC), Booster Gas Compressor (BGC).  Produced Water Treatment Package for treatment of Produced water and water injection facility.  Utility systems like Hot Thermic Fluid system, Fuel gas, Instrument air, Wash water, Flare system, Drain system, Chemical injection system, etc.  Responsible for Process Improvement and Trouble Shooting  Try to achieve Maximum Production with require yield and quality.